Dubai is as fancy as realty can get, says Taher Suterwalla.

The extravaganza of Dubai seems to be manifesting in all the verticals. As if the tallest building Burj Khalifa and Al Arab Jumeirah weren’t enough, the largest city of UAE will be host to a number of outrageously crafted real estate projects. Starting from the underwater homes to the apartments with indoor-ski, Dubai is bringing all the fancy stuff people could ever imagine in a house. To be honest, Taher Suterwalla isn’t surprised by this move. This isn’t the first time Dubai is on to something which is lavish and absolutely different.
For the city where the Sheikhs drive around in gold-plated cars with their pet cheetah or leopard on the passenger seat, having real estate projects inspired by luxury sports cars isn’t much of a surprise. And when we can have the most luxurious 7 star hotel largely built under water, why can we not have the homes submerged? If anything, this will be a visual treat all the time. As per Taher Suterwalla, these marvelous projects hint at a reassuring fact that the Dubai real estate sector is pretty prosperous and is widely promising. The city might as well have the largest Ferris wheel. Now isn’t this as fancy as it can get?
Dubai has always held a reputation of being the Mecca of real estate wonders. These super luxury projects largely complement its spirit. They would not only put Dubai’s real estate back on top, but would also bring in more foreign investments. The tourism would boost and so would the economy. These projects will supremely help Dubai leap on to the top as one of the best cities to live in.


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