Residents’ positive attitude helping Dubai realty, says Taher Suterwalla.

The real estate sector in Dubai is quite robust. It can take a hit and fight back. But above all, it has the ability to dodge hard hits and minimize the damage incurred. This spirit in particular has instilled people’s confidence in the realty sector in Dubai. When analysts across the world are busy voicing their apprehensions concerning the slow growth in Dubai, the heart of gulf is being getting support from the investors, developers and consumers, all alike.

As per a few surveys conducted by reputed companies, around 54% of home buyers are positive that Dubai would soon be on the road towards staggering growth. And around 58% of developers and constructors are expecting that Dubai real estate sector would be reinstated as the land of development in around a year. Taher Suterwalla believes that such undeterred confidence positive attitude will surely propel development to a new height in Dubai.

Among all the studies, location of the property was a common point of stress. The hike in price for a property varies directly with the location. Properties which offer a greater accessibility to public transportation are the ones that are heavily preferred and in turn are expensive. The ones closer to grocery stores are preferred next, followed by shopping malls and mosques.

Taher Suterwalla thinks that the extent of trust investors have is a direct reflection of the unearthed potential the real estate sector in Dubai still has out for offering.


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