Taher Suterwalla condemns the killing of Cecil, the lion.

Mighty, majestic and the king of the jungle; lucky are the ones who in this life are able to catch a glimpse of a lion in its natural habitat. It’s an astounding sight to see a lion in a zoo itself, leave alone the excitement of being able to watch it in a jungle. A sheer chill runs through the spine when the roar of this beautiful beast reaches our ears. But there are a few psychopaths who derive a sadistic pleasure in hunting such a beautiful creature. Yes!  ‘Psychopath’! This word has been justifiably used by Taher Suterwalla because that’s what such hunters are. They not only wantonly kill animal but take pride in doing so.

Until a few days ago, Cecil was the most beautiful Lion in Zimbabwe. But then a cruel and insensitive doctor, mind you, a doctor took a shot at him and killed him. That’s heart wrenching. But what’s worse is that he claimed the cadaver of Cecil to be his trophy, his prized possession. That’s just inhumane. Walter Palmer, if only you would have looked at that beautiful creature once with a heart, we are sure you wouldn’t have been to release that arrow. Just ask your kids if they appreciate what you did. You then had the temerity to behead him and take it away as the trophy. Too bad you didn’t observe that GPS tracking collar around his neck. Cecil was being studied upon by researchers of Oxford University.

Cecil had a pack of 22 lions.  Walter’s partner in crime was the professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst who has been arrested. Taher Suterwalla is deeply disturbed with this news. If animals like Cecil are killed for wanton pleasure, it’s nothing but a blot on humanity.


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