Dubai Back in the list of top cities in the world- By Taher Suterwalla

The expert analysis said that the realty sector in Dubai was slogging and the trend was expected to continue for a long period of time, but the best thing about real estate sector is its unpredictability. The market that was moving at a snail’s pace has just revved up to a growth in good double digits. Amidst the gulf of speculations, this is a silver lining. Dubai is now back in the list of top cities in the world. And that too, with a mighty leap. Dubai is set to experience a fantastic growth. And it’s not I, Taher Suterwalla claiming this, but comes from the reports released by big companies.

According to a report by Cushman & Wakefield(C&W), the city that held the 186th spot last year has now sky rocketed to position number 39 in the category of top 50 cities in the world. Now that’s ballistics.  As per C&W, the investment volumes in Dubai rose by $ 3.68 bn. So if we are to believe the statistics released by Knight- Frank, a UK based real estate consultancy, the annual price growth recorded in 2014 in Dubai was 24 percent higher as compared to 2013, the highest among the cities it analyzed.Dubai has also regained a terrific third spot in hospitality sector all over the world, beating Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. London took the first spot in the category followed by New York.

A visionary, Taher Suterwalla has carved a niche for himself in the domain of real estate. Taher sets out with the intentions of bridging a gap that existed between what customers expected and what they were delivered. Keeping in line with this, he has successfully delivered benchmark projects like View Emirates, Trading Equity and many more.


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