Greece: a lucrative investment option

Greece: a lucrative investment option

-by Taher Suterwalla

Packed my bags and would be heading to the airport to board a flight to Greece. Those who know me would think Taher Suterwalla is again on a travel spree, but au contraire, this one is a business trip. Yeah, might sound absurd to many but this is what it is- a business trip. Greece’s recent fallout with the European Union has opened a door for investors like me to consider the country of gods as an investment haven.

With Greece’s economy in shambles and the share market in dismay, the realty prices in Greece are down than ever. Various luxury estates are being offered at a rate 10 times less than what they were traded for in last 5 years. Almost every property that is up for sale is being sold at a discount of 50-60%. And if held for long, these investments will give astonishing returns. The only bargain is that the investment has to be from a long time perspective. Patience is the key to reap profits.

Greece, the country that was always known as a tourist’s paradise is in a financial jeopardy. The investors are shying away from putting their money in Greece, but the other side of the coin is being ignored. The flipside is quite profitable for those who won’t let their judgement get clouded by the common views doing the rounds.

The fallacy lies in our gullibility. Conjure us with a notion and we are easy to deceive. It’s easy to get swayed by the generally propagating views on a topic as tragic as Greece’s downfall with the European Union. But if we go beyond this deception and try to look at the other side of the coin, we’d realize there is so much more to this Greek situation than what meets the eye. When all the investors are moving away from Greece because of the recent happenings, the country is looking at a tough time ahead of itself. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, at least for people like me.

About Taher Suterwalla:

A visionary, Taher Suterwalla has carved a niche for himself in the domain of real estate. Taher sets out with the intentions of bridging a gap that existed between what customers expected and what they were delivered. Keeping in line with this, he has successfully delivered benchmark projects like View Emirates, Trading Equity and many more.


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