Taher Suterwalla- Why I chose Dubai for expansion?

Taher Suterwalla
Taher Suterwalla

Aiming bigger is a constant process, specifically when it comes to businesses. After having had a successful venture in London, I wanted to further diversify my business. With London, Dubai and Hong Kong topping the preference list of businessmen, Dubai was the next on list for me. What Dubai has made of itself in last 3 decades is nothing short of remarkable. There is a whole list of reasons which contribute to making Dubai top the charts. After a strategic analysis of those, I made my choice.

First and foremost, an impeccable strategic location. Dubai provides for a central location that draws world’s attention. It offers a perfect mix of time zone that includes east and west business hours. This allows Dubai to cater to a huge number of clients. The next important factor is Dubai’s economy. Dubai’s is the strongest economy out of all GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries and also the most stable one. Since the recession of 2009, Dubai’s economy has bounced back tremendously and is on a skyward journey.

The next factor that makes Dubai a treasure chest is the tax policy. The best part about this policy is that there aren’t very many taxes. There isn’t any income tax and whatever tax is levied on imports and exports is barely of any value. Dubai has free trade and double taxation agreements with various nations. This makes Dubai an ideal country to conduct trade with. And now the most important factor that prompted me to invest in Dubai is the topography and demography of the region. Dubai has an indigenous population of 1,70,000 and expatriate range in around 2 million. With a limited area of land and a need to cater to such population, Dubai has invested extensively on its real estate. In Dubai, upwards is the only way forwards.


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