Taher Suterwalla and his trysts with Dubai

Taher Suterwalla and his trysts with Dubai

“Most people dream of success, while few others wake up and work at it.”

Success is a luxury not all in this world are can afford.  It requires relentless perseverance, ambition, genius and above all, a tenacious spirit to excel.  A precise amalgamation of these virtues is all you need to turn your dreams into reality. Taher Suterwalla, a dynamic and young entrepreneur, has reached a pinnacle of success owing to such a similar blend of formidable traits. A connoisseur in the field of real estate, he has established a successful hold for himself in the aggressive realty and infrastructure sector in UAE. To his credit he has landmark project ‘View Emirates’.

View Emirates ‘success is discernible from the fact that it has enjoyed a very special attention; envy from its competitors.  Taher Suterwalla’s intention behind venturing into Dubai’s real estate arena was to bridge a gap that he felt largely existed.  After extensive analysis of the market scenario, he observed that the customer’s weren’t being delivered the promised.  Set out with this mindset, Taher’s hands on deck experience of 15 years in the field of development and construction ensured that View Emirates was nothing short of a marvel. Created with a contemporary approach that inspires luxury in every glace, View Emirates is a project that aims at simplifying the living.  By employing the use of cutting edge construction technologies to create supremely safe structures, it instills within the residents a sense of safety. Dime for dime, Taher Suterwalla’s View Emirates provides you with the best of the amenities and finest of the living.


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