Taher Suterwalla: Real Estate in Dubai

Real Estate in Dubai 

 A visionary, Taher Suterwalla has carved a niche for himself in the domain of real estate. He set out with the intentions of bridging a gap that existed between what customers expected and what they were delivered. Keeping in line with this, he has successfully delivered benchmark projects like View Emirates, Trading Equity and many more.  Thanks to his 15 years of hands on deck experience in realty sector, Taher Suterwalla holds a prowess in guiding a project towards a splendid completion.  His projects aim at creating a careful amalgamation between luxury, comfort, finesse and safety. Extending from the location to the décor, everything is taken care of beautifully in order to deliver a masterpiece. Taher’s construction company values their commitment. Hence forth, they deliver what they promise.

The realty and infrastructure sector has grown so rapidly in UAE in past few decades that as per the statistics, 1 in every 4 cranes in the world is being used in UAE. But we need to look at this growth from a different perspective. What happened in Dubai was a symbiosis between the country and the real estate developers. The country and the developers both needed to grow. Dubai became the perfect destination for the developers to explore their prowess. And one such developer is Taher Suterwalla.


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