kensington Court Apartments

Taher Suterwalla, the real estate monarch, has recently purchased 51 Kensington Court in the prime hub of London. With over 15 years of empiricism in the real estate industry, Taher Suterwalla comes with a superior knowledge of the when, where and how of the market. Taher Suterwalla consistently fabricates new standards for an assortment of luxury and comfort. 51 Kensington Court is a premier collection of 11 apartments blending a lavish lifestyle with a home-like coziness. Taher’s ownership of Kensington is a bright example of his sense to understand peoples’ contentment and offer to them precisely what they dream about.

Taher Suterwalla has extended his approach to leisure sector, negotiating and purchasing in the industry. In the hustling world we live in, people often need refuge in the calmer shades of life. Leisure sector aspires to provide that solace. With industrialists like Taher entering the market, the rec and rollick industry is soon to achieve a beyond belief boom. The golden era of leisure is soon to be witnessed.


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