View Emirates, creating timeless designs

View Emirates


The Suterwalla brothers created View Emirates to bridge the gap in the Dubai Real Estate market. There was a noteworthy disproportion and inconsistency between what buyers were paying for and what was being delivered, both in terms of time and excellence. Having achieved momentous know-how in developing luxury properties in more full-grown markets around the world, the CEO and CFO duo of the Suterwalla brothers make certain that each project is accomplished with an effortless marriage of design and functionality along with cutting edge technology, ensuring signature meticulousness.

Taher Suterwalla, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has over 15 years experience in the financial and real estate industry and holds directorships in numerous companies. As a hands-on leader with a sophisticated eye for immaculate designing, combined with his consummate understanding of the real estate market, Taher Suterwala ensures that all properties consistently set new standards for luxury, comfort and innovative design, whilst at the same time consistently redefining what is possible.

Riyaz Suterwalla, Chief Financial Officer (CFO); after 17 years of financial service background, Riyaz brings his financial, practical and personable skills to the company. He has put together a coveted list of highly skilled people including interior designers, furniture and product designers and architects. Riyaz provides strategic, executive and financial leadership. His key ability is to meet strict scheduling challenges and budgetary constraints with maintaining strong design aesthetic and functional parameters.


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